Daily Jumps


  • Breath-taking jump off the historic Kawarau Bridge

  • A launch from the world's original bungy jumping site

  • Opportunity to get wet with a water-touch option

  • Chance to jump with a friend—Queenstown's only tandem option

  • Souvenir t-shirt to show off your daredevil nature


Get in touch with your inner daredevil and bungy jump from the prestigious Kawarau Bridge, just outside of Queenstown. This is a true test of nerve for anyone who really wants to push the boundaries, launch from a platform and fall towards the river below.

In 1988, forward-thinking adrenaline junkies AJ Hackett and Henry van Asch announced their daredevil natures globally by opening the first commercially operated bungee jumping site. Now is your chance to try the bungy experience at the same site, historic Kawarau Bridge.

You can decide to jump solo or tandem – this is the only outfit in Queenstown to offer tandem jumps. Position yourself on the 140-foot (43 m) bridge and wait for launch time. Take a deep breath, make the final checks, and bungy. As you accelerate toward the river, feel an extreme surge of adrenaline. If you decide to go for the water-touch option, plunge into the water before springing back up toward the bridge.



  • Kawarau Bridge bungy jump

  • Roundtrip transport between Queenstown and Kawarau Bridge

  • Souvenir T-shirt

  • Jump certificate

Know before you book:

  • Children aged 10 and younger are not allowed.

  • You must weigh between 35 and 235 kg (75–520 pounds).

  • Opening hours are from 9:30 AM to 6 PM. You will receive confirmation of your exact jump time when you call to confirm your reservation.

  • Check-in is 15 minutes prior to the booked activity start time.

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