Daily Jumps


  • Thrill of the highest bungy in New Zealand

  • More than 8 seconds of exhilarating freefall

  • Rugged & dramatic scenery of the Nevis River valley

  • Test jump available for the most hardened of thrill-seekers

  • 100 per cent safety record gives you complete confidence


All other bungy jumps pale in comparison. Experience the thrill of the Nevis jump, the highest in New Zealand. Following a drive through dramatic landscape and a full safety briefing, you're ready to plummet toward the Nevis River, hundreds of feet below.

Queenstown is well-known as the adventure capital of the world, and it features bungy jumps aplenty—but none compare to the exhilaration of the Nevis jump. To reach the site, take a 4-wheel drive vehicle over challenging terrain and admire a rugged landscape that is impressive in itself.

At the jump pod, prepare for the adrenaline surge of a lifetime. Stand on the edge of the pod's platform, the Nevis River flowing nearly 450 feet (140 m) beneath you – then with a deep breath and a final check, it's time to test your nerve and take the leap. Feel the rush of excitement during the more than 8 seconds of freefall. Drop toward the valley floor before the cord checks your descent and you bounce back up.



  • Bungy jump

  • Roundtrip transport between Queenstown and Nevis River

  • Jump Certificate

  • Authentic jumper T-shirt

Know before you book:

  • Children aged 12 and younger are not allowed.

  • You must weigh between 45 and 130 kg (100–280 pounds).

  • Opening hours are 4 AM to 10 PM. You will receive confirmation of your exact jump time when you call to confirm your reservation.

  • Check-in is 15 minutes prior to the booked activity start time.

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